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Suspect a fraud? Need an independent reviewer?

We are operating under difficult and unprecedented circumstances at the moment with the Covid-19 shut down of normal life. This in turn increases the risk of fraud occurring within an organisation.

Are you concerned or do you suspect a fraud has or is being perpetrated on your organisation?

Even if you just have suspicions at this stage and no hard evidence it may be time to bring us in to take a look for you. We operate a confidential and covert service so we will not cause any stress or anxiety with your staff.

Our initial fraud investigations will focus on obtaining evidence and building a case file. The nature of this will depend on the facts of the individual case but many such investigations start with a thorough analysis of your accounting records. Often this can be done remotely to start with so none of your staff will know we are engaged.

Once we build up a case file it may become necessary to hold interviews with key staff. These can be held as informal meetings or, if the evidence justifies, interviews under caution.

For interviews under caution the aim will be to pin down responsibility and / or establish innocence and to ultimately assist in the investigation. The interviews will be conducted such that they can be used in court. We follow PACE requirements and in particular Code C (the caution and rights) and Code E (recording the interview).

We use a variety of questioning techniques to draw out the true facts of the case. We never use multi headed, leading or rhetorical questions.

Our team are experienced in interviewing techniques and have been trained on the process and in spotting signs of deception or when someone is telling a lie.


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