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You want to ensure a fair, independent, well reasoned and equitable business valuation which accurately represents the current condition and future potential of the business.  Our service can help you achieve this in the following way:


We give a solid, fair and balanced judgement including reasoned explanations of the expert's opinions


Our reports are presented in a clear and concise format making it easy for you to understand even the most technical financial information and conclusions

Our logical analysis is sufficiently reasoned to create a robust testimony during court appearances ensuring the strength of the case is not undermined

clear opinion

We can provide you with support beyond the submission of the report, so you are completely clear about the implications of the opinions

meet deadline

We will work to your timescales, so you have access to the critical information when you need it.  We have a 100% achievement of submitting reports to the agreed deadline

Understanding Capital Gains Tax 2220x125

We are also able to provide general tax advice including Capital Gains Tax reports which can be particularly valuable when working with matrimonial cases

logical approach

We adopt a logical, clear approach including site visits in many cases and work hard to fully understand the business.  Our reports are detailed and presented in a format that makes them easy to follow and refer to.

detailed understanding

We know what questions to ask to form a detailed understanding of the business.  We do not simply sit behind a desk - we perform site visits and talk to relevant parties.

client understanding

In all of our dealings we are professional and non-judgemental.  We show empathy and understanding in what we appreciate is often a stressful time.

industry understanding

As well as forming a detailed understanding of the business we also make use of a range of third party data sources to both add weight to our opinions and to provide wider industry understanding and outlook.

clear fee structure

We perform a quality service, produce a quality report and comply to your timescales - all for a fair fee.  Our fee structure is clear and transparent with no surprises!

independent balanced view

We act with independence, integrity and impartiality at all times.  We are experienced in dealing with all sorts of interested parties in transactions and know how to identify, ignore and deal with bias and strong opinions.





An information request list is submitted to you or to the legal team[s] to establish the baseline financial data.  This includes (but is not limited to) the following:


A.   financial and management accounts;

B.   corporation and self-assessment tax returns;

C.   aged debtors and creditors reports;

D.   cash flow forecasts and analyses etc.

We then visit the business with a set of standard and specific questions. This delivers soft intelligence about the business, its past and present condition as well as its plans and growth capabilities.  Our standard list includes over forty sections covering every aspect of the business’s activity ranging from SWOT analysis to its relationship with HMRC. 

We offer all parties the opportunity to meet with us so they can evaluate the information we have collated. This allows for complete transparency in the process and gives a ‘right of reply’ to any interested party over any aspect of the valuation.  We then minute any disputed points in the report so these can be considered during the settlement process.

analysis of financial data



We deepen the analysis by researching the business’s marketplace to provide comparative and contrasting data which gives a frame of reference for the valuation.  We use a combination of industry reports and market analysis of similar businesses to ensure our opinions are appropriately contextualised. 

Finally, we construct a detailed report that follows an approved structure and delivers the findings in a clear, concise and ordered format. 


Assuming all data is available the report will be completed within three weeks of the site visit (although it may be possible to complete sooner, schedule permitting).

Our reports are structured to enable you to easily follow and understand our findings and opinions. A typical report structure is as follows:  


Instructions and

Disclosure of Interest

The facts on which the Expert's Opinion is based

Background to Dispute

and the Issue

Technical Investigation

The Expert's Opinion

Summary of Conclusions






Expert's Declaration and Appendices




If there is any aspect of the report you need clarifying we are here to offer that additional support to help you conclude the case as quickly as possible.  We can deliver the support via email, telephone or Zoom conferencing as needed.


For more complex cases there are occasions when legal teams need direct consultation time with us, before a court appearance, for example.  This can be to help formulate your case and deepen your understanding whilst simultaneously providing clarification where necessary.



There are occasions when experts don’t agree.  In these instances, a “meeting of experts” is convened to work through any points of difference.  This can be advantageous in both resolving differences and making the court appearances more efficient and productive by only focusing the cross-examination on those areas of disagreement.  Such meetings can even avert the need for the case to go to court. 



Our expert witness, Richard Stonier has appeared at a number of court cases across the UK. Richard’s capacity to articulate the opinion in a non-technical, logical and dispassionate manner under cross-examination makes him an ideal expert witness. And because our reports are analytical and thorough, Richard can defend and substantiate the reasoning, coherence and findings of the valuation in a clear and rigorous way.

report analysis


Should the Court require any further action or analysis our team is on hand to efficiently handle any requests. 

(Please note that the report is provided at a fixed fee. All other support, consultations and court time is chargeable at our hourly rate and subject to the usual expenses).


Our report fees vary according to the complexity and size of the business and the report requirements but typically range between £750 to £5,000. 

Additional support and court appearances are charged at our normal rate of £200/hour.


01785 258311

Thank you for your enquiry - we will be in touch shortly.


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