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Our Forensic cases are wide ranging in scope but all have one common attribute – our ability to review, assess and interpret large quantities of data.  These reviews can be targeted reviews where we are tasked with spotting particular trends or balances or they can be holistic in nature​.


Financial Analysis

Need an independent assessment of your trading performance?

Want a benchmark to other businesses in the sector and/or to best practice?

Need financial data to support a transaction or bank funding application?

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Trading Whilst Insolvent

Is your business going through a rough patch?  As directors, you need to be careful that you don't fall into the trap of trading whilst insolvent.

We can review your business records and help you to prepare cashflow forecasts and budgets.

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Business Interruption Claims

Has your business suffered disruption to trading for any reason eg flood, fire, environmental issues, telephone, electric, gas or broadband supplies?

We can help you to calculate loss of profits arising as a direct consequence in order to make the appropriate insurance claim or direct claim to suppliers.


Data Analysis

Something not looking right? 

Not sure how to interpret your financial records?  Can't understand what is reducing your margins?

We can conduct any bespoke data analysis to help you to interpret your data and we will provide recommendations for any changes needed to your record keeping.


Bank Account Analysis

Need your bank accounts analysing? 

Want to see how money has been spent?

Need bank transfers between accounts to be reconciled?

We can perform detailed bank statement analysis and can unpick transfers between accounts to show you how money has come in or left each account.  We are often asked to do this to identify unusual items or patterns of activity that might hide issues.  Our analysis can also help with cases where the party is trying to demonstrate a normal level of expenditure or in cases involving claims of a "flamboyant" lifestyle.

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Nominal Ledger Accounts

If you suspect unusual activity in your accounting records we can perform a thorough review of your ledgers to identify anything untoward or out of place.  Our team are skilled at unpicking complex structures or accounting systems as well as spotting warning flags and patterns of activity that might conceal an underlying problem.


Director Loan Accounts

We are often asked to analyse all activity on director loan accounts to identify patterns of spending and/or unauthorised use of company funds.


Complex Group Structures

Our team are experienced in dealing with complex group structures and unwinding and interpreting inter-company transactions.

Our logical and methodical approach allows us to unpick complex arrangements to understand the reality of what is really going on.  We can advise on ways to simplify artificially complex structures.

Financial Analysis/Trading whilst insolvent
Bus Interrupt/Data Analysis
Bank Account/Nominal Ledger
Director Loan/Group Structure


Bank account analysis to identify spend on flamboyant lifestyle

Analysis of vast quantities of bank statements to show the level of spend by individual on a lavish lifestyle.  Evidence used as part of a wider case.

Bank loan repayment analysis to identify true repayment picture to dispute the bank's analysis

Client in dispute with the bank over the status of loan balances.  Our analysis showed the actual monies repaid by the client and ultimately identified two bank transfers made by the bank to wrong accounts, not owned by the client.

Cash flow analysis to show trading picture month by month to prove business solvent when contracts entered into

Work for directors to demonstrate they were not trading whilst insolvent in a business turnaround situation


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