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Whether you are an employee, a self employed trader, a small owner managed company or a large corporate; if you have suffered a loss of earnings for any reason, be it injury, natural disaster or political/economic influences then give us a ring to discuss your claim.  We can ultimately support any claim for damages or compensation by providing you with independent, well reasoned calculations to show the level of earnings you have missed out on​.


Insurance Claims

Whether you are an individual or business we can provide the data you need to support a financial insurance claim.  We have conducted reports for loss of earnings, compulsory purchase orders, business interruption and financial mis-selling cases.


Loss of earnings

Loss of earnings claims however caused need to be supported by sound, fair assumptions and calculations.  We can provide the reports and calculations you need to make your claim.  Our reports are clearly laid out and all assumptions made are disclosed and justified.


Employer Disputes

We can provide bespoke reports to assist you in any financial dispute with employers including contractor relationships and agencies and umbrella organisations.

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If you have suffered a workplace injury which is preventing you from working we can calculate your loss of earnings to assist you with your insurance claim.

Loss of Profit/Loss of Earnings
Employer Disputes/Injury


Insurance claim for loss of earnings due to disruption caused by flooding

Flooding incident caused by burst water mains. 

The flood took place at the head office and knocked out phone lines for a considerable time.

We were asked to calculate the impact on the business. 

Personal injury claim for loss of earnings following serious crushing injury on site

Personal injury to sub-contractor on construction site.  After receipt of medical reports we were able to calculate the lost earnings of the individual, both during recovery and ongoing due to lasting effects of the injury.

HS2 compensation claim for noise and dust disruption to trading premises

HS2 access rights through client site which operates as a visitor attraction and retail outlets.  Dust and noise disruption compensation claim made based on calculated impact on footfall numbers.


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